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About SQL guy

Just got started on blogging, this is my first one. I live in beautiful Cary, North Carolina, happily married, and have been working with SQL Server ever since version 1.1 (I’m not kidding) running on OS/2 .. back in the day when 16MB of memory was huge.

Why do I love SQL so much? Because before I “discovered” SQL, my prior project had been maintaining an application with a database made out of flat files. Remember Basic (not Visual Basic, just Basic) with its RECORD statement? Yeah … that’s why I love SQL.

What else do I love? The Carolina Hurricanes, of course. Go Canes!!! Our fuzzy orange cat. And, flying. No, not as in “a kite”. Flying, as in “take the control yoke, get takeoff clearance and go”.



  1. Soo… I was checking out this post…

    Excellent topic of discussion, and certainly needs to be more like this out there, but; suppose I told you that there was an easier way. Using the ‘cross apply’ against only one other DMF?

    If I told you this; your head would explode so I’ll spare you the insanity.

    Great post by the way.

    – Deluxy

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hey Deluxy .. thanks for the comments! I had all but forgotten about those 4-year-old posts, but we’re still collecting perf stats from that DMV to this day so I guess they’re still relevant.

      If there’s an easier way to get perf counter info than what I posted, by all means explode my brain. Did something come along in 2012 to help out?

      – SQLguy

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