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Tick tock .. 2011 is calling and they want my Summit back

October 23, 2012

Time passes so depressingly fast. It’s nearly time for the PASS Summit 2012 already, and I still have yet to put a dent in the DVD set of session recordings from the 2011 Summit. Sigh. I’m just going to pretend that most of this year’s content is a repeat of last year, but I seriously doubt that’s going to be true considering SQL2012 was just a rumor last year and now we’re running it in production.

By the way, no I’m not going to the Summit this year. Instead I’m hoping to focus on picking up my MCSA and MCSE certs early next year. Wish me luck!

Finally, for all of those DBAs or DBA wannabe’s out there pounding the pavement, please spend a little time and make sure your resume is up to snuff. That includes grammatical and spelling mistakes, not repeating the same responsibility over and over again on every position you’ve had for the past five years, and not including DOS as a technical skill (at least try to learn Powershell, it sounds way cooler) or Windows ME (I really wish I were making this up). Oh, and please NEVER EVER spell the product name S-E-Q-U-E-L.



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