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Do I like blogging?

March 29, 2011

While watching one of the MCM Readiness videos today, I had to pause the demo and browse over to the presenter’s blog to find out more details behind of the information being presented. The presenter in this case is Brent Ozar (blog)

After finding the info I was looking for, I ran into a very interesting series of posts from Brent, starting at the link below:

This got me thinking … I started this blog just over two years ago as an experiment. Not because I thought I had anything unique to tell the world that it didn’t already know, not because I expected to have a billion followers waiting on each and every post, and definitely not because I’m master expert in SQL Server – or any other subject, for that matter. Truth be told, I started this blog because it was free (thank you WordPress!) and because I found the “Live Writer” app in Windows that made writing a blog post a lot easier than banging out raw HTML.

A little diversion, if I may. My company uses MediaWiki internally. It’s a pain to write any documentation of substance in this tool. Think back to writing web pages in Notepad (with apologies – and my sympathies – to anyone out there that DOES write still web pages in Notepad – who am I kidding, nobody reads this blog anyway … ANYWAY ….)

So back to the point. With a free blog site and Live Writer in hand, I had a web presence. Now what?

Yes, that’s the hard part.

I didn’t want to write about what my cat ate for breakfast that morning. That’s what Twitter is for. I think. I don’t tweet, so I really don’t know for sure. I wanted a blog focused on just a few key things, namely my interests. One of those, obviously, is the technology that I’ve spent much of my career around: Microsoft SQL Server. Another is hockey, in the form of the Carolina Hurricanes. When I first moved to Raleigh from Edmonton, I had no idea I’d ever be rooting for a local NHL team again. But, I digress again….

It’s pretty easy for me to write about things that I already know, problems that I run across and solve, or personal experiences in general. Having said that, posting to this blog has been a real hit-or-miss proposition. Lately I’ve tried to be a little more diligent about keeping up, but it’s not much of a blog when I let a whole year go by without posting anything.

So do I like blogging? So far it has been fun, and if maybe a couple of people out there have found this blog (I do have a few comments, so at least a few people have run across it) and, more importantly, found it useful, then that makes it all worth it.

And, if you’re reading this post, and I’ve sparked interest in someone out there starting a blog of their own, then it has definitely been worth it.


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