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SQL2008 on Win2003 Error and Fix

October 21, 2009

You gotta love Microsoft’s SO descriptive error messages. Ran into another cluster install problem today, this time on Windows2003. Same problem, same fix, different error message.


Problem: SQL Server setup fails after clicking “New SQL Server failover cluster installation”

Error message: SQL Server Setup has encountered the following error: Failed to retrieve data for this request..

Solution: Start the Remote Registry service (and set to auto-start if necessary)

The strange thing with this error is that it pops up only if Remote Registry is not running on OTHER nodes of the cluster. It seems to not really care (or at least not throw this error) if the service is not running on the node that you’re installing to. Again, thanks MS for taking the time to describe the error so precisely!

By the way, the double periods after the error message above is not a typo, or at least not on MY part.


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