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Win2008 Cluster Validation Server Selection Error and Fix

October 20, 2009

I ran into a simple problem today setting up a Windows2008 two-node cluster (in preparation of installing SQL Server). It took me an unusual amount of time to find the answer on the web, so I’m posting it here briefly in hopes that someone else will benefit.

Problem: Cluster Validation error on Select Servers or a Cluster dialog. Attempting to add a server to the list results in an error message.

Error message: Failed to validate node ‘host.domain’. An error occurred while determining if you have administrator privileges on ‘host.domain’. The network path was not found.

Solution: Start the Remote Registry service (and set to auto-start if necessary)

  1. Unadulterated words, some true words man. Thanx for making my day!!

  2. RRabin permalink

    Glad to help, NegoPholo!

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