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Staal’d Out

May 25, 2009

On April 11, I wrote that our final regular season home game, a loss to Buffalo, “didn’t really matter”. For the past week I’ve been eating those words, as just one more win in the season would’ve meant that we would’ve had home-ice advantage against the Penguins.

Would it have mattered? Looking back on their game 3 performance it’s tough to say yes at this point. The Pens are just too good right now, home ice or not … and we certainly proved to the Devils and Bruins that home ice didn’t matter much when we didn’t have it in the first two rounds.

Could it have been a different series? One more lucky bounce, one goal this way or that, sure it could. Then again, the season could’ve (some might say should’ve) ended a month ago in New Jersey. As I write this, it is very likely that it will end in about 7 hours.

However it goes tonight, good luck to the Canes in game 4!


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