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It’s Staal Good

April 11, 2009

Congrats to Eric Staal for his 40th goal of the season last night, which unfortunately was also the ONLY goal we had in a dismal game against Buffalo as the last home game of the year. But, it didn’t really matter as we’re in the playoffs and Buffalo isn’t.

Staal Sightings

We were having lunch at Qdoba at the corner of Edwards Mill and Duraleigh road today, and none other than Mr. Staal himself comes in for a bite. I played it cool, gave him a quick wave and nod, he waved back. No signatures or anything, I mean, hey the guy just wants to eat lunch in peace.

Death and…

Got the taxes done and e-filed today. For the first time in many years we’re due a refund, and a rather large one at that. During the 03-07 stock market run we were paying hefty taxes every year due to larger-than-normal dividends from investments. Last year, I wisened up and bumped up my federal tax contributions from my paycheck. However it backfired, as we all know what happened to stocks last year, and so nearly all of that extra money will be coming back in. Makes for a nice little May bump in income … which will go straight into paying for our Yellowstone vacation in June, but that’s a whole other story.


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